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    Welcome to Zonked Yak where yak is, well, generally zonked. Oh, move your cursor over my balls to make cyber yaklings

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    Creating the ultimate human female

    Make no mistake, us yaks find human women attractive. Especially those with a decent ammount of body hair.

    The internet has however given us access to unlimited hotness, and pictures of things of great beauty. As an ongoing project in order to determine what it is that men find sexy, we have decided to partake in a little unscientific experimentation, to attempt to judge what it is that men find attractive in women. To make this process more fun, we'll take it body part by body part, and eventually hopefully be able to create the perfect female form.

    So without further ado, let's hop to it. Join us, as we examine just what it is that men seem to like about


    Part one of constructing the ultimate woman. It starts. (Insert manic laughter here)

    Because our opinion doesn't really count, and we want this to be a popular consensus, our method entailed a couple of Google searches for things such as "best legs" and "sexiest legs" etc. If you do one of them yourself you'll see the results are massive. Only looking at the top 50 (not too horribly frighteningly pornographic) results, and using only the top 10 of each link, we managed to get a population sample from which to draw our legs.

    As a diversion, we found a lovely article (http://www.ezilon.com/information/article_10874.shtml) on "How to get sexy legs in just three steps". It's amazing how easy it is! The three amazing steps are
    1. Tone your legs
    2. Wax your legs
    3. Flaunt your smooth, well toned legs

    As easy as that. Amazing. I bet the author Janice Wee gets paid ten times the annual GDP of South Africa as well.

    And with that on to the construction of our ultimate woman...

    Oggling images of sexy legs is easy (very easy). Surprisingly, analysing them was just as easy. We have found the following relations in our results, which applied universally to ALL the hottest women/leg pairings, and will illustrate by way of example, using the rather fantastic legs of random spotting Chrissa Boyle:

    (yes, you can click on her for a larger image)

    We found the following rules apply universally to all the hot legs on the net, from Maria Sharapova to Nicole Kidman.

    1. Length of legs in relation to length of body

    The subjects (objects) all had an upper body length to leg length ratio of 1.1 to 1. We honestly have no idea what this means, but it does seem to indicate that women with legs up to their armpits generally have shapeless carrot legs.

    2. Calf width in relation to ankle width

    The women humans regard as having sexy hot gorgeous legs all have somewhat muscular calves. While the definition varies, and the muscularity varies largely, all the subjects have a calf to ankle ratio of 3 to 1!

    3. Thigh width in relation to calf width

    Babely legs have a thigh that is 1.55 times the width of the calf in cross section. This taken along with the observed sexiness of more muscular calves, makes the preferance for somewhat defined and muscular legs, rather than boney ones.

    4. Other observations

    We tried and tested many other measurements and relation, but none of them revealed any common ground in the legs of the sample population. The following observations are however pertinent:

    So the science is complete, now who fits the profile...

    Some examples...

    While Sharon Stone topped a poll (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2004-09/01/content_370762.htm) to determine the sexiest leg moment is cinema history, we put that down to the fact that she showed some fur. Her calves are undefined by international standards, and miss out on the 3 to 1 ratio.

    Ana Hickman had to be counted in, especially as she supposedly has the guiness record for the model with the longest legs. When it came to the measurements she both had a big gap between her things, and showed serious lack of calf and thigh definition, missing both our cuts (and of course, the 1.1:1 length ratio).

    The hunt has been long and hard. A couple celebrities made the original cut, but lost points either because they don't have enough material on the web, or slight flaws in definition and tan levels.

    In the interests of doing thorough research, and of course to keep our sponsors happy,

    the winner will be revealed in our next installment, as we move up from the legs...

    Posted by the yak on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 6:27 AM | Permalink | Comments

    This initial phase of the research was originally published by the yak elsewhere.

    The best post I've seen in ages! (since your last one!) I love you yak. I want to have your yaklings!

    Can't wait for the winner. Please don't keep us waiting too long

    Err, thanks dude... Now leave a name so it doesn't look like I'm the only one having fun here in my little imaginary world!

    The model's name is Lisa Boyle

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